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Systems & Dev Manager | THE BAUKJEN GROUP [December 2019 – March 2020] 

  • Responsible for Shopify and data activities

SQL Developer | THE BAUKJEN GROUP [June 2017  November 2019] 

  • Responsible for building, implementing, maintaining and supporting business intelligence and data warehouse solutions.
  • Integrated in-house SCV database with third party API (Ometria) in order to provide phone orders.
  • Streaming every day catalogue requests to physical warehouse for printing.
  • Delivering daily product details (XML) feed to various affiliates.
  • Downloaded information via FTP to be processed against our database to check if valid promo codes were used. Uploading back all invalid results via FTP.
  • Design and developed a predictive analytics SQL project to suggest products to our buying customers.
  • Provide customer and order data from data warehouse to several data-coops (More2, Conexance, Rakuten, …).
  • All projects developed are documented in Jira.

OnBase Integration Specialist | HML HOLDINGS [May 2016 February 2017] 

  • Taking responsibility for Onbase desktop support, answering and resolving queries over the telephone where possible, and ticket logging, responding and resolving technical issues within a timely manner.
  • Implemented API with RESTful protocol in order to integrate third party software into Onbase.
  • Gather requirements for modifications or enhancements and document functionality.
  • Work with stakeholders to gain their approval of functionality.
  • Maintain functional specification documents for software products.
  • Perform internal integration testing on modifications or new products.

Data Entry/Analyst | ATLAS CHOICE [May 2014 April 2016] 

  • Responsible for loading and maintaining data integrity of source data, for this purpose was programmed VBA macros to help routine tasks. In other situation was created a PHP page to match relevant data.
  • Analysis on high volume of financial data in excel datasheets using pivot tables providing information support to senior managers.
  • Maintaining over 600 partners contracts and updating CRBMS system database on daily basis.
  • Streamlining internal communications and collaboration reorganizing paper sheets into shared datasheets.
  • Train, create and update user manuals.

IT Infrastructure & Support Manager | ALCIONE [October 2000 – August 2012] 

  • Build custom SQL reports from ERP and later visualized in Excel charts in order to assist CEO decisions.
  • Responsible for group websites, including e-commerce. Technologies evolved such as: ASP.NET, PHP, Javascript, HTML and CSS.
  • Manage and supervise IT infrastructure building at new facilities, including CCTV and office equipment.
  • Internal main auditor ISO 9001 (quality management system) and ISO 22000 by TÜV Rheinland.
  • Provide continuous training to employees on Windows Office products (Word, Excel, …) and ERP system (PHC) with custom user manuals/guides.
  • Support Food Quality Control Department building flowcharts in Microsoft Visio.
  • Translate business and company needs into technical requirements in innovate ordering process that bring down mistakes by 25% and increased stock accuracy by 14%.
  • Implement and manage EDI communications.
  • Cut down communication costs to half and negotiating stationary acquisitions at best prices.